Pole Buildings are easy to build, if you've ever picked up a hammer you can do it. I've built in my career over 3,000 pole buildings all over the country, let me show you each step from the first board to the last nail how to build any framed structure using the post frame construction method.  -  Mathew Logan

Commonly used terms: Barns, Pole Barns, Pole Buildings  

About Pole Buildings


Postframing has a long history, there's no limit to what you can build and you'll build in half the time and at half the cost. You can build 8' up to 16' high side walls and because you frame horizontally (picture above) they're much stronger than conventional stick built construction. You build in 8' increments or sections so you can go 8'-16'-24'-32'-40' wide and the same in length as long as you want. The building is supported by posts either in the ground or mounted on a groundlevel footing or slab using post anchor sleeves. You don't need to lay a perimeter footing or slab first so you can easily build a carport for cars, boats and RV's or a pavilion for picnics and outdoor events or if you need a storage shed for equipment, machinery or animals and don't need a slab you can just cover the ground with gravel and you're good to go, but if you need a slab it's much easier and cheaper, you just frame the building and float the slab in using the skirt board already on the building as your form. It makes it real easy to build a room addition on your house or if you're in business a body shop or a store for half the price. If you love the outdoors you can build a cabin in the woods for peanuts and have fun doing it. Build anything and everything, no special tools needed, let your imagination be your guide, whether you're a do-it-yourselfer building a double garage for your vehicles or a contractor building professionally, my book will show you every detail in the postframe construction method and once you've learned it, you'll approach every building project with a new and different perspective.        Happy Building!  Mathew


Actual Drawing (pg. 5 of book)

It's necessary to set post below ground if you live in an area where the ground freezes. You then must set footing below frost line.


This monitor style building is ideal for upper
storage or living quarters

Elevated (stilt) houses
The continual post bottom to top is the key component that makes post frame the superior framing techinique for above grade structures, with a rating 3 times stronger than platform construction it should be the only method you consider.


If the post is not going below ground, mount post anchor brackets to either pre-cast pad or footing.

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If you're a beginner, I can make you an expert. If you're a Professional Builder, my book can open the door to all sorts of easy, economical building possibilities and innovations.