Where ever you live, East, West, snowbelt, sunbelt, Post Frame is the answer for
heavy duty construction requirements.




Need a permit? Use my book. Many building inspectors use my book as their guide in postframe construction and many will accept page 36 as plans for your building.


Actual Drawing (pg. 49 of book)

This drawing shows the building near completion. It shows the installation of the outside corner. Each drawing has the same ease of understanding.


Make $$$ Building Pole Buildings. Through the years I've had people that have bought my book that liked building a Pole Building so well that they wanted to go in the business, I've always recommended it. It's a great business. Because the buildings go up so fast, your cash flow is excellent. Crews are easy to train so as you expand crew supervision is minimal. If you'd like to go into the Pole Building business, I'd like to help you with how to get started, how to advertise and in general, share my years of experience with you. I'm sure you would find the business rewarding and profitable.

                                                                                             More Photos & Drawings!   

Dear Matt. Our little country store should be open in about two weeks. We figure we saved about $20,000 by building ourselves. Thanks again for your help!                 Gloria - Oregon

Matt, I've been a builder for 20 years and I'm sure I could have built post frame without your help, but your book sure simplified my learning process.... Much appreciated              Jerry - Louisiana